Balsam Lake Ventures, LLC

Looking to rent or lease a commercial space? We can help!
Balsam Lake Ventures, LLC, d/b/a Polk Business Center, is your source for all your commercial real estate needs. Polk Business Center offers a great location with competitive rates. Whether you are looking to relocate or in need of a satellite office, we are here to help you grow your business. Balsam Lake is a progressive community, where friendliness is only surpassed by the stunning scenery. The village is nestled around the largest lake in the area, which is teeming with fish to satisfy the most avid of anglers. The unique shoreline stretches 65 miles and the 2,054 acre lake is dotted with picturesque island and bays. There are more than 50 businesses in Balsam Lake that provide a vast array of services. Fine dining and casual eateries abound. As the county seat, the Village is the center of governmental activities with up-to-date facilities, while still retaining the cozy, small-town feel.